Save time and provide a great customer experience!
Radix Kickstart Order Automation

The Dorm Room
5500 XRD

  • 2-Wallet-System
  • Transaction fees included
  • Website dashboard
  • Suitable for random reservation
  • Over 9 hour time savings

Bed and Breakfast
7500 XRD

  • 2-Wallet-System
  • Transaction fees included
  • Website dashboard
  • API Access
  • Suitable for random & selective reservation
  • Automatic refunds
  • Receive multiple token (XRD, OCI, DGC, etc.)
  • Over 20 hour time savings
  • And much more

Luxury Resort
13500 XRD

  • 2-Wallet-System
  • Transaction fees included
  • Website dashboard
  • API Access
  • Suitable for random or selective reservation
  • Automatic refunds
  • Receive multiple token (XRD, OCI, DGC, etc.)
  • Easy accounting
  • Royalty-based trading system
  • Token creation included
  • Over 50 hour time savings
  • And much more

“We have worked very closely with Panda and only have nice things to say! Never have we ever worked with someone as diligent, responsive and understanding! Not only do they deliver a product that fully suits our needs, they are able to do this fast and without asking for an absurd price. We love Panda”

“What is there to say – our software used on RadixPanda works like a charm!”

“Working with Radix Kickstart has been nothing short of amazing. Max and Alan have been incredibly fast, transparent, and open on the project. It has taken a load of long winded processes off our plate so we can focus on delivering value to our gamers. Not only do we have a great business partner in them, we have good friends!”

“The experience I had working with Radix Kickstart was first-class service. Max and Alan are a great team to work with. Max is very responsive and gives great suggestions as to how best support your project tailored to fit the needs of your project. I highly recommend them to help on your next project because I know I will use them again.”

“It has been a pleasure working with the Radix Kickstart team on implementing the Roidboiz. They worked quickly and effectively on an integration that required a number of customisations. Max provided excellent communication for the work being done and a timeline for going live. Highly recommend their services, and will be continuing to work with them.”

Why automate orders?

Why should you automate your orders? For one, you save time. Massively.

Imagine you sell 10 000 NFTs and the average order is 3 NFTs, then in total you would have to send out 3334 transactions. If every transaction only takes you 10 seconds to complete, that would total to over 9 hours just spent sending transactions! Do you value your time?

The other reason is a fantastic customer experience.

Users that send funds to your address will receive their placeholder tokens within seconds. Who isn’t happy about receiving their orders instantly? As one buyer said on Twitter: “Used this system as a customer for the @RadixPanda Launch etc. it’s Freakishly Awesome – satisfying to receive your NFT almost instantly after ordering 😍”.

How it works

  1. You provide us with info on your project, such as your wallet address, on which you will receive the money of your buyers, the price of one NFT, and any special requests you may have.
  1. We will monitor the transactions of the wallet where you receive the money, and if we spot an incoming transaction that matches the criteria (e.g. correct price and with selective reservation the proper format of the message) will send the according number of Tokens from a separate wallet.
  1. If refunds are necessary, you can either choose the manual option, where you monitor your wallet yourself and issue refunds on your own, or the automated option, where we issue the refunds for you.
  1. When you offer your customers selective reservation, we will keep a database for you to make sure that no NFT can be reserved twice. You’ll also get access to a custom API for you to show the availability of certain NFTs, NFTs owned by a certain wallet etc.
  1. As we don’t have access to your wallet where you receive the XRD, your money is safeguarded by you the whole time.
  1. On our handy dashboard you can view statistics like the number of sales you made, how many unique owners you have and more.

In short: You send us the details about your project, we set everything up for you, automate the orders, and your money is safe with you at all times.


FeatureDorm RoomBed and BreakfastLuxury ResortXRDScan
Price5500 XRD7500 XRD13500 XRD1% of total value your NFTs can sell for

(e.g. 10,000 x 100 XRD x 1% = 10,000 XRD)
Reservation StyleRandomRandom & Selective (Pick and Choose)Random & SelectiveRandom & Selective
Automatic Wallet Monitoring & Token SendingIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Payment OptionXRD or FiatXRD or FiatXRD or FiatXRD
Micro Server Hosting (campaign length)9 months ($3/month after)12 months ($3/month after)15 months ($3 thereafter)Not Available
Percentage of each sale due to Radix Kickstart0%0%0%0%
Transaction FeesIncluded (for up to 10,000 NFT project)Included (for up to 10,000 NFT project)Included (for up to 10,000 NFT project)Not included
Token Creation249 XRD249 XRDIncludedAvailable
RefundsManualAutomatic or ManualAutomatic or Manual with reporting via TelegramManual
Multiple tokens as payment (XRD, DGC, OCI etc)250 XRD per incoming Currency (XRD included in package)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Multiple outgoing Tokens (Different RRIs)1 outgoing Token included; 300 XRD for each additional Token 2 outgoing Tokens included; 250 XRD for each additional Token 3 outgoing Tokens included; 200 XRD for each additional TokenNot Available
Specify limit of NFTs per wallet addressIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Tiered Pricing (Different prices at x% sold)500 XRD500 XRD500 XRDNot Available
Automatic Trading & Transfer System (with reporting)10000 XRD10000 XRDIncludedNot Available
Website Dashboard Yes, with limited functionsViewerViewer and Control Panel SuiteDashboard with Control Panel
Accounting view to see sales in your FIAT currency600 XRDDefault currencyLive API reporting for any currencyDefault currency
Custom API for data access Viewer only and logs and ledger apiLimited: Sales, Refunds, Totals & Tokens and all data available for web display (includes code examples to insert in your website)Full Access including displaying Sold and Available on Website for all Tokens. Including code examples and references and live help.JSON Feed to check for Token availability
Professional API Definition (Open API Standard) and Telegram SupportOnline referenceOnline reference and Telegram supportOnline reference and live setup support via telegram, chat or phoneNot Available
Default MessageOutgoing EmojiOutgoing Emoji and optional repeating of incoming message details (e.g. IDs of tokens bought)Outgoing Emoji, incoming message details and message per RRI Not Available
Additional Custom Messages (e.g. First Buy, Buy after, Wallet limit reached)500 XRD per setup of extra message300 XRD per setup of extra message2 custom outgoing message based on decision logic and 250XRD per setup of each additional condition/messageNot Available
Processing of incoming messages (e.g. usernames for a game, different names for different tokens)500 XRD per hour to set up300 XRD per hour to set up250 XRD per hour to set upNot Available
Daily BackupsYesYesYesYes
Highly Available Human Technical SupportTelegram onlyTelegram and EmailLive Support by chat, phone or videoTelegram and Discord
Military Grade Encrypted ServerYesYesYesYes
External Sales & Refund Reporting (Telegram, SMS, WhatsApp etc.)Telegram 300 XRDOnly TelegramCustom Options available (inquire for details)Telegram
Setup for existing project with existing sales history500 XRD & 500XRD/hour for custom database import (example: price changed, values not consistent, different wallets, etc)500XRD & 500XRD/hour for custom database import (example: price changed, values not consistent, different wallets, etc)500XRD/hour for custom database import (example: price changed, values not consistent, different wallets, etc)Not Available
Custom code for new functions (most functions take 1 - 3 hours)500 XRD per hour500 XRD per hour500 XRD per hourNo information available
Includes future upgrades over the next 12 monthsNot Available3000 XRDYesNot Available
Automatically benefit from security updatesYesYesYesNot Available
Web development servicesAvailable hereAvailable hereAvailable hereNot Available


Are you interested in automating your NFT orders and offering your customers an outstanding user experience? Then just send us a message at or RadixKickstart and let us know which package you’re interested in. Once you provide us the necessary details, we have you up in no time!

About us

After we (Max and Alan) built our own software to support the automated order and refund system for Radix Panda we thought: “Why not offer this as a reasonable-priced service to the community?” So that’s what we did! As time went on and demand rose, Max moved on and Penguins and others joined the company and created a new cutting edge Radix Marketplace at

Radix Kickstart is the result of that idea. We offer affordable services for NFT projects on Radix, from token creation to automated orders. Sharing is caring, and it’s a small gesture to pay forward, what the wonderful Radix community has provided us thus far.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the benefit for me?
By using our service to automate your NFT orders, you save time, which can in turn be spent developing and marketing your product. As we’re laser-focused on building this software, it also allows you to have many more features than if you were to create a system on your own, while also juggling your NFT project and day-job.
How do buyer refunds work?
If you pick manual refunds you overlook the wallet yourself to see if refunds are necessary.
For automated refunds, we will set up another wallet from which refunds will be issued to the buyers. This wallet will be funded by you, and we give you the private keys, so you can always access it if you want Any money left after your project is sold out will be transferred to a wallet of your choice.
How long does it take to set me up?
If you want to use a system exactly like it’s already in use, it takes up to 24 hours to get you set up. If you need customizations for your website or project, it might take longer depending on what changes/additions are necessary.
Can I upgrade from one package to another?
Yes, upgrades to a higher tier package are possible at any time.
What if I'm not sure my project will be a success?
We understand that sometimes you feel uncertain if your project will be a success and don’t want to spend money upfront. That’s why our service can always be activated retroactively as well. When you launch and see there’s a good response, then just inform us that you want to set order automation up and we will fulfill all the outstanding orders for you at no extra cost.